Other Inhabitants of Juneau

Cinnamon Black Bear
A cinnamon black bear walks out of the woods after feasting on salmon in Steep Creek.
Bear in Tree
Young black bears will often climb to the top of a female cottonwood tree to eat the seed pods.
Traffic Bear
Traffic bear wants you to stop.
Eagle Convocation
A convocation of bald eagles out on Aaron Island.
Bald Eagle
A bald eagle near the waterline on the outside of Point Retreat.
Flying Bald Eagle
A lucky capture while I was guiding out on the water.
Humpback Whale Fluke
Fluke of the Megaptera novaeangliae as he descends for his terminal dive.
Humpback Whale Fluke
A humpback whale diving toward the camera. The scars, markings and shape of the fluke are unique for each whale, and allow for easy identification.
Lunge Feeding Humbacks
Two humpback whales lunge feeding off Shelter Island.
Bubblenetting Humpbacks
A group of 10-12 whales bubblenet feeding.
Orca Pod
An orca pod off the Barlows.
Spyhopping Orca
A spyhopping orca.
Battling Sea Lions
Steller sea lions often battle it out for precious lounging space. Faust Rock Buoy.
Sea Lions
Lazy times at Pound Rock. Herbert Glacier in the background.
Hoary Marmot
A rare sight at elevation, this hoary marmot seemed unafraid while sunning at sea level.
Arctic Tern
An arctic tern hovers while hunting for fingerling sockeye salmon in Mendenhall Lake.
Ravens are like a dark, mischievous poem.
Some coversations are better left unheard.
Steller's Jay
Steller's jays are the dark brothers of the blue jay. They are so closely related that they are considered the same species by some.
The semipalmated plover gets its name from its partially webbed feet. Seen here on the shore of Mendenhall Lake.
Blue Heron
A great blue heron fishing in Douglas Boat Harbor.
Pelagic cormorants lined up on Scull Island southeast of Juneau.