Everything Mendenhall

Glacier 1991
The Mendenhall Glacier in the fall of 1991.
Brotherhood Bridge Scene
The view from Brotherhood Bridge.
Winter River
In winter the Mendenhall River's flow typically becomes greatly reduced as most of the water upstream has frozen.
Frozen Lake
A winter view of the lake and glacier from Skater's Cabin.
River Erratics
Very large glacial erratics found three miles downstream in the Mendenhall River.
Misty Lake
Mists and fogs frequently haunt the glacier area with beautiful atmospheric effect.
Misty Glacier
Misty glacier detail.
Glacier Scene
Glacier from Steep Creek.
Glacier Face
The face of the Mendenhall Glacier is ever changing. A natural process that has been occuring throughout the millennia.
Glacier Waterfall
From 2007 to 2010 the Mendenhall River as it flows under the glacier was diverted, and came out above the lake as this waterfall. Notice the size of the people in lower right corner.
Glacier Face
Early January sunset on frozen Mendenhall Lake and surrounding mountains.

Thomas Corwin Mendenhall
Mendenhall Glacier
Glacial Erratic