Resplendent Rainforest

From a walk up Heintzleman Ridge by way of the Switzer Creek Trail.
Dark Forest
The forest can feel dark sometimes at midday. From a walk up Heintzleman Ridge by way of the Switzer Creek Trail.
Gold Creek
Gold Creek as it passes through Last Chance Basin. From the museum bridge.
Boy Scout Peninsula
Boy Scout Peninsula looking south toward Juneau.
Along Fish Creek Road coming home from work at Eaglecrest one frosty February evening.
Funky tree at Eaglecrest.
Canopy Sun
The sun finds its way in under the rainforest canopy.
A common sight when walking through the old growth is the fallen trunk or broken stump of a rotted out hemlock.
Devil's Club
Devil's club overgrowing a small stream along the East Glacier Trail.
Stream Cascade
A cool place to rest and freshen up on the West Glacier Trail.
Steep Creek
Steep Creek cascade.
Spruce Needles
Spruce Needles.
Twisted Stalk
During mid-summer you can often find a watermelon berry under the alternating leaves of twisted stalk.
Red leaves
Some of the best fall color is on the forest floor.
Ground Cover
Maianthemum dilatatum, commonly known as Deer Heart in Juneau, thrives in the deep shade under the old growth canopy.
Little Plant
A little plant.
Red Plant
Dwarf Fireweed plant in the sandy soil near the glacier face.